Equine Dental Practice WWAED, DEFRA and RCVS approved category 2 qualified
Equine Dental PracticeWWAED, DEFRA and RCVS approved category 2 qualified 

What to expect?

Equine Dental Practice uses proven techniques and only the best quality specialised tools and equipment, paired with the highest standards of training and knowledge to ensure each horse receives the best possible care and treatment available. Our Equine Dentist works with your horse to maintain natural balance and alleviate causes of pain or discomfort in the mouth to increase overall health and performance.


A routine equine dental visit consists of checking all teeth for balance and signs of disease. A full speculum is used to ensure that every tooth in the mouth is able to be palpated and worked on if required. Sharp enamel points, and maloclussions which cause imbalance in the mouth are reduced or corrected to restore natural balance and function. Each horse is also set up with bitseats(as required) to ensure maximum comfort when wearing a bit. Our Equine Dentist will also happily discuss your horses diet with you, and give advice regarding the correct type and fit of bit for your horse.


At Equine Dental Practice our work is carried out predominantly using a combination of cordless rotary tools these tools provide quiet fast and accurate removal of dental over growths and also a full array of hand floats to provide the very best dental care on horses that have not been sedated. In this way we provide a less invasive, less stressful means to perform accurate and thorough equine dental analysis and treatment . We may request that horses be sedated only when absolutely necessary as a safety precaution for unhandled or difficult horses, or to perform more advanced procedures.

Specialised power tool equipment is also carried on board the Equine Dental Practice vehicle .


Upon request clients receive a dental chart for each horse on completion of the visit. Charts are an important record of your horse’s dental health and maintenance so please retain any paperwork your equine dentist presents you with. Please pass these records on to the new owner if you sell your horse. All horse treatments and detailes are digitally recoreded and stored for future referance.

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